Methamphetamine Really Isn’t Fun Anymore

With a paranoid soul,I've been staring for hours and hours out of my peephole,Where beholds a pair of secretive glowing eyes made of gold, With it being that of a sinister little troll that's had my paranoia at tenfold,I feel as my whole mind, here, begins to fold and nearly implode, With my emotions no … Continue reading Methamphetamine Really Isn’t Fun Anymore


Not Your Usual Trip To The Convenience Store

Drugs can be fun. Drugs can even be great. Nonetheless, they can also be terrifying and utterly horrible. Please, let me explain, here. Less than an hour ago I was in the presence of many kindred spirits; upon our time we set ourselves forthwith in a great indulgence of several psychedelics, narcotics, and a vast … Continue reading Not Your Usual Trip To The Convenience Store

Pitch-Dreams Of Murder

And yes!–there’s something definitive, bold, and mysterious in substance upon scrutiny of the color black. For when you envision the color, or there, of general population, most commonly it’s to be rendered the color of mourning, magic, power, and even elegance. Yet, to me, that color represents something entirely, contrastingly different, symbolizing something rather more dark … Continue reading Pitch-Dreams Of Murder