You’re paradise,
In rapture,
A moment of time,
I could never capture,
As beautiful lines,
Never been so mastered,
It’s in the hues of your eyes,
That lie my favorite chapter

Lord Knows

Only the Lord knows,
What I’d do–what I’d risk,
To be next to you–and taste your lips,
I’d rot in hell–sleep in piss,
Set on fire–thrown in pits,
Whatever’s your desire–whatever for this,
As only the Lord knows what I’d do–
For you–you stupid b*#%!


Calm breeze with the sum of a desert’s heat,
Heavens, in where the Earth and skies meet,
Lovely, to wonders sight could never believe,
Obsessed by beauty-in all that could ever be,
Everything, in your eyes-all that l’ve dreamed

Your Eyes

In a moment of time,
All reality froze,
As a look into your eyes,
I was lost in your kaleidoscope,

With hues that shined bright,
In blues like waves of an ocean,
I felt pain in the rains of your skies,
As I went through every wave of emotion,

Where internally changed,
By a moment in time,
And blessed by the shades,
With the first look into your eyes

Fire Of Your Desert

With fire you breathe,
In your eyes like sand–of a desert,
It’s in the degrees,
Where I land–caught by your weather,
And lost as a breeze,
Unable to measure,
With so much beauty I see,
In your eyes–in the fire of your desert

Someone Else

I’m petrified and scared,
Because when I look into your eyes,
I feel emotions that I’ve never felt,
But I know, here as I stare,
Deep in my mind,
You belong to someone else

See You

Another face–another view,
All the effort it’s taken to get over you,
With a million places–always on the move,
As this pain inside only grew,
I want to chase–and you know who,
But it’s true–just another day and night
That she won’t be you,
With these tears I refuse to cry,
Because what’s the use?
When you’ve moved a thousand miles away,
And never again will I see you

A Rose

With this poem,
I sow a seed deep within your heart,

So if time ever goes,
And you are found alone, still, we are not apart,

Because like a rose,
I want us to grow into a beautiful piece of art

Nothing Hereafter

She’s the innocence in my heart,
The dreams I can never capture~

The beauty in my art,
And the words from my favorite chapter~

Though, I dream in the dark,
Aware through all that has shattered~

Where in my heart,
I know, to her, I’ll never matter~

With no words, no art,
Nothing hereafter


Through dark skies,
I’ve sat all alone,
With tears in my eyes,
It’s all I’ve ever known,

But every storm dies,
And this I know,
Because when you entered my life,
All left was a rainbow


She’s beautiful,
And it shows,
But her beauty I love most,
Not in her petals,
But where the roots grow

Never Be You

I wrote a letter,
And called her earlier this afternoon,

With so much building pressure,
I dread what I’m about to do,

Yet, I know she deserves better,
And that’s something I can’t dispute,

Because no matter how long we’re together,
I know she’ll never be you

Words To My Poetry

Words were merely words–
And only that to me,
Until she became the words–
The words to my poetry

Her Light

Under any light,
I find art within her eyes,
As like stars found in the night’s sky,
She’s a masterpiece no darkness can hide

Old Driveway

It’s that song you used to always play–
Playing, softly, under our words in your old driveway,

I knew you were hurt, and I didn’t know what to say,
Though, I vowed I was going to love you the right way,

Time goes by, but some things never change,
As it never mattered, where you were was my favorite place,

You were perfect for me, and I wish you would’ve stayed,
Though you moved back home–over a thousand miles away,

It may hurt, and this pain might never go away,
Though, I listen to that song, softly, on replay–

Replaying alone, as with this night that’s gone astray,
I cry, here, parked in your old driveway

Liquid Love

In waves of emotion
(Deep as the seas)
Eyes cry ashore–

As there broken
(For nobody to see)
Another tear falls to the floor–

Wherein an ocean
(Of drowning memories)
Love turns into a storm


She’s beautiful as beautiful gets,
As the nature of her beauty is the beauty of nature’s equivalence,
With every movement, she’s special and different to no ends,
Yet, to her, her being beautiful is anything other than common sense,
With scars sliced up and down her arms and wrist,
It’s evidence this beauty has cried, has wondered, and reminisced,
As it’s evident, she’s tried, has stumbled, and even wished,
Someone would take her beauty for what it really is–
And see the most beautiful woman that has ever lived


Like a butterfly,
I first saw her under the summer skies,
As like a butterfly–
She’s beautiful, wondrous, and divine,
As sometimes, from time to time (like a butterfly)
The thought of her flutters through my mind,
With it being every time I see her eye to eye,
All I feel are butterflies

Battered And Scarred

She’s bruised–beaten–battered–and scarred,
With bruises placed all up and down her legs and arms,
She lies here with a broken heart,
As there’s no end to her pain–she has no idea of where to start,
So she cries, here, alone in the dark,
Where she reminisces of the man that tore her emotions apart,
With only the memories left of a man that took it too far,
As this man, on her heart, will have forever left his mark–
With bruises that he placed leaving her battered and scarred


With smiles and laughter through the night,
I watch as she begins to get tired,
With the sight of her sleepy eyes,
As seeing what was once a live wire
Become tired right before my eyes,
It’s here, in a moment of dire, she surrenders this night,
With her head resting on my chest,
As only a moment passes by, and softly, as she fails to reply,
I kiss her on her forehead,
And say “I love you angel, goodnight”

Artistic Escape

Your beauty
Is that of my artistic escape,
As I could sculpt,
And paint my life away,
But your beauty
I could never properly

Gray And Blue

Since she walked away I haven’t known what to do,
With all of my colors that have turned gray–I’ve been left to only feel this color of blue,
As there’s not a shade in this world that could ever replace her hues,
My sight and mind has been left in a haze–and left ever so confused,
With my eyes that stay closed–for I’ve been blinded by the truth,
Wherein the only thing my eyes want to see–will no longer be in my view,
So go ahead and paint my world however you wish and want to,
As you can paint my whole world with the most vibrant and amazing hues,
But until the day that she returns–all my eyes will see is gray and blue

Not Even In My Dreams

Not even in my dreams have I ever dreamt of a woman as perfect as you,
With your voice that is as harmonious as the most majestic tune,
And with your face that leaves me in a haze throughout the whole afternoon,
I lie the nights away (where I continue to think about you)
For in my dreams, there you are with eyes of amazing hues,
Yet, in the dark, as I awake for another day, my eyes see the truth–
The woman of my dreams is already in my arms (snoozing away while looking ever so cute)
And with my heart touched as I have no idea of what to do,
I kiss this woman on her forehead and say “I guess dreams do come true”

Like Gold

The man in her life treats her like gold,
Though she cries,
Because she knows,
Her secrets would break him inside,
And would crush his soul,
So to protect him she lies,
As her secrets are something she holds,
She rests here in his arms for at least another night,
With this man that might never know,
As it’s in the dark, with tear after tear she cries,
And with a broken heart of little hope,
It’s in her mind,
With her tears that really begin to flow,
She imagines a life,
Away from this man that treats her like gold

The Way I Loved You

I’ll never be able to love again,
Well, at least not like the way I loved you,
As this night is a little before three, but well after two,
I lie wide awake in this bed unable to sleep beside a woman that I don’t want to pursue,
With my mind wondering,
How do I leave her without leaving a bruise?
And wondering,
Will I ever be able to love another woman,
Like the way I loved you?

Poetic Start

Our love had the essence of such a poetic start,
As it’s now quiet with nothing but slow songs playing in the dark,
I hear the rhythm of a piano fused elegantly with a lonely harp,
Where I lie here placed in my bed with a broken heart,
I write my emotions down and turn my pain into an art,
As I cry page by page and continue to fall apart,
I analyze our beginning, our ending, every moment and part,
With our love that had the essence of such a poetic start

Never Love Again

With a pain aching to no ends,
In her mind–
She truly believes she may never be able to love again,
So she cries all night and day (as she cries to no ends)
With her pain that she tries to hide,
But no matter how hard she tries–she just can’t hold it all in,
With this angel that has fallen from the skies,
She lies here broken with a pain that aches to no ends,
As it’s in her mind–
She truly believes she may never be able to love again

Talking To You

Every once in a while I stop by and I say “Hey”,
Where I talk to you about my life usually on my worst days,
And I know it’s been a while, though, I guess life lately hasn’t been going my way,
But you know I’ll always love you as you’ll be my best friend to my final day,
I still miss you, and sometimes I know it might seem I don’t have much to say,
Just, it’s still so hard to believe that I’m talking to a grave