Methamphetamine Really Isn’t Fun Anymore

With a paranoid soul,
I’ve been staring for hours and hours out of my peephole,
Where beholds a pair of secretive glowing eyes made of gold,

With it being that of a sinister little troll that’s had my paranoia at tenfold,
I feel as my whole mind, here, begins to fold and nearly implode,

With my emotions no longer being able to go with the flow,
I decide to walk away, undress, and then snort a line of coke,
Followed by taking a hit of m*th while I put on my bulletproof vest,

Oh, and yes!–surely if it’s a fight that these little demons want to see,
Then it’ll be a fight that I’ll bring outside, where I’ll make them all regret ever trying to mess with me,

For no longer will I hide and allow them to whisper to me from my lone tree,

No!–Because I’ll run and scream “No longer will I be the one to carry out their evil little deeds”

And I will tell them that statement with a knife while rushing at their golden-eyed chief,
You know, just so there’s no question of my authority,

Though, with a few steps outside, I see no pair of golden eyes within my vicinity,

Oh, and with “Such lies and deceit!”

Being the words that I have just screamed,
I hear a whisper whispering to me (as it’s whispering from my only tree)

Where I decide to scream, “Oh, and you will not be making a mockery of me!”

Though, with nothing but a chuckle (as I know this voice is chuckling at me)
I pick up an apple and throw it directly at my lonely little tree,

There!–hearing with a loud screech and seeing a shadowy creature drop beneath,
As it’s with the sight of a hundred pairs of eyes lighting up my scenery,

And surely with my paranoia spiked to the highest degree,
I begin to wonder is this all in my mind? Though, I decide to entrust in my feet,
Where I run, and see this beast begin to chase after me,

I race towards my door, with it being “bl*ody murd*r!” that I scream,

As it’s with this peep hole, once again, and just like before consuming all that my eyes see,

I hear that whisper once more, hearing as that whisper turns into a roar,

And hearing as it tells me–like it’s told me before,

“Methamphetamine really isn’t fun anymore”